How the Best SEO Companies Help their Clients' Websites Stay on Top of Rankings

Did Google recently penalize your website? If so, it is highly likely that the content of your website caused this unfortunate event. If you are not working with one of the best SEO companies, you may be penalized by again. SEO companies keep on top of the frequent changes in Google’s algorithm.

An important thing to keep in mind is that there are many factors that Google takes into account when evaluating websites, and one of these is content. Just last year, Google rolled out an algorithm update on the overall presentation of web content, and one of the changes was the way Google examines content that is the “above the fold.”  A more recent update occurred just a few days before the holiday season, and this change affected websites that did not feature high quality content.

Having high-quality content on your website is key to its success. This is why working with a superior SEO company should be your top priority for the success of your site. Having them on your side will ensure that your website only features web content considered by Google as high quality. This will also protect your website from being penalized by this major search engine. Instead, your website will be top-ranked.

So how will working with top SEO companies help you to maintain high ranking on Google, as well as on the other major search engines?

  1. The best SEO company puts emphasis on the quality of web content. Google places great emphasis on properly optimized, extremely relevant, unique, and well-written web content. Websites that feature irrelevant or duplicated content are penalized by Google and receive low rankings.
  2. The top SEO company will consider the overall web content layout as one of their top priorities. Google will penalize you when you place too many ads or graphics at the top of your web pages (“above the fold”). This will also happen if the overall content layout of your website does not meet the standards of this search engine. These infractions will result in your website being pushed to the bottom of the rank.

These are just two of the important tasks that the best SEO company can accomplish for you and your website. If you want to have the peace of mind knowing that you are working with a company that you can entrust with your web content, then choose Bergstrom SEO, Inc.. For more information on the company's high-quality SEO and copy writing services, visit now.

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