How the Leading SEO Companies Take Advantage of Pinterest

While Pinterest is a more recent addition to social networking sites, it has quickly grown to become one of the largest. In fact, it is now the 3rd largest social media network in the United States, just behind Facebook with more than 7 billion users, and Twitter with over 182 million users. Because Pinterest is growing so quickly, the leading SEO companies are taking full advantage of this growth and popularity in order keep their clients’ pages ahead in the rankings.

An Overview of Pinterest

Before we further discuss how the best SEO companies take advantage of Pinterest, let us first provide you with a brief overview on this social networking site.

How Pinterest is similar to Facebook and Twitter in that it permits users (both individuals and companies alike) to post, spread, and share content of any kind. In addition to this, Pinterest also offers a kind of “social bookmarking” feature to its users—Users can “pin” content that they like on their “pinboard” and organize it to how they’d like the board to appear. This is much like taking magazine clippings and pinning them to a bulletin board. Users of this social networking site can also browse other pinboards to get inspiration from other users.

One of the many wonderful features of Pinterest is its unique content sharing. Whether you want to post product information, photos, or blogs, using this site is an excellent way to reach a much larger audience. Pinterest is a great addition to any SEO plan.

How Pinterest boosts SEO Efforts

When you work with an experienced and reliable SEO company that has a complete understanding of what your specific goals, you can expect them to utilize every possible means to ensure your success. One of the most effective techniques that the best SEO companies use is taking advantage of consumers’ interest in social networking.

Since these social networking sites are extremely popular with millions of users, the top SEO companies know that including them in their SEO plans will cause them to reach a broader audience. And with Pinterest placing third on the list of the largest social networking sites, you can expect significant growth in your SEO efforts as long as you work with a reliable SEO company that has experience with Pinterest.

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