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17.07.2013 14:49

How the Best SEO Companies Help Site Owners Receive High Google Site Rankings

When you work with one of the best SEO companies, your website is sure to pass the various evaluation methods that Google implements, including the algorithm update for “above the fold” content. The top SEO companies have a complete grasp on how Google evaluates websites. Hiring the best company is the sure way for you to secure the highest ranking for your website, because they understand how to make the best of above the fold content. 

What Does “Above the Fold” Mean?

The information that was written on the top section of the front page of newspapers was where the term “above the fold” originated. However, in today's present times, this term is now being used in the field of website design. For websites, “above the fold” refers to the area of a particular web page that can be viewed without having to scroll the page down.

One of the major factors that prompted Google to roll out the previously mentioned algorithm change was the fact that many site visitors complained about websites that were top heavy with various ads. Websites were featuring too many ads above the fold, despite of being properly optimized, and the visitors to these sites were forced to scroll all the way down the page, just to find the specific information that they were seeking.

How Above the Fold Content affects Ranking

Now that you know more about the term 'above the fold', you probably have some idea of how the content placed in this particular area of a web page can affect ranking. Always keep in mind that the first thing that people will see when they visit a particular website is the above the fold content. This is why it is important to place high quality content in this region, so that site visitors will find what they need immediately and also be encouraged to explore the website further.

Working with a Superior SEO Company Ensures the Highest Quality Above the Fold Content

The best SEO companies know how to keep their clients’ sites from being penalized by Google. The top SEO companies also understand the importance of having high quality web content that is unique and different than anything else found on the Internet. The leading SEO companies also make use of effective techniques in order to present high quality web content in a proper layout.

To ensure that you are working with one of the leading SEO companies, Bergstrom should be your number one choice. Bergstrom is considered to be one of the top SEO companies, simply because they have a full understanding of what needs to be done in order for a website to be successful with high search rankings. For more information on the services of Bergstrom, visit the company's official site at www.bergstrom-seo.com.


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